Value investing is a process , the process that combine two ingredients to be successful , a good understanding economic of the business operation , the company and there study and a discipline valuation approach , this two things have to integrated , in Value investing book you will learn how to do this integration successfully , fist we understand assets value then we move to earning power value , then we ask yourself does this company enjoy barriers to entry or not ?once we get the answer then we go to the next step to analyse the franchise value of the company , if the answer is no then we stop going forward , organising the information in a structural way ,there are still lots of information need to be collect , but we are interested in one thing , do we want to buy this company or not ?do we want to be a shareholders or ? that the kind of approach we value investor look for in buying any company ,deep understanding of the company operating and performance , that too company should be within our circle of competence , once you will have deep understanding of the company , theĀ  you will check the margin of the safety , whether we have sufficient margin of safety or notĀ  and the long horizon outlook and use key risk analyses tool to understand your capital profit or not , do the earning is sustainable and will always support barrier to entry , to be a successful value investor three things to be integrated , a good understanding of company , the valuation approach and risk management tools can lead you to be creating enormous wealth in investing world , now welcome to the world of value investing , let start the journey …..